My Life Story

My Life Story

I remember, when I decided to leave my home town in Iran. When I look back, I was so young, but at the time I felt that I had no choice (because of political) and that I was ready and strong enough to handle the experience.

Life is a journey; It’s one of the most famous phrases that we hear in our life. It’s true because in life we face many heartaches and also many more joys which make our heart pleasant. It’s not a destination for happiness or sadness but its continuous journey which we need to experience every aspect of this life.

It’s been more than four decades, and an amazing journey through different countries and cities. I’ve explored, I’ve run, I’ve enjoyed and I have lived.

When I look back and think how did I do all these things? I always stayed positive and moved forward. I enjoyed and learned from different countries and how they have such different cultures.People’s values and ethics help me to come out of my own frame, to see a bigger picture. That young man that left his hometown sure had a lot to learn.

“Life is a journey with problems to solve and lessons to learn but most of all. Experiences to enjoy.” -Unknown

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