My Life Story

My Life Story

It was around 1979, and I had to go to the army for two years. It was mandatory after graduation. It’s one of the toughest events in a young person’s life. At the beginning it looks like fun, but soon you are going to find out you are far away from family, food not good, wake up early morning, sleeping in a tiny bed and less sleep and some people break down and start crying. Four decades ago we didn’t have a computer, or cell phone, so soldiers had to use the public phone or write a letter to the family. The most time I remember the phone connection was not good because of the area we were in, so writing a letter was very popular. Just imagine in a room *with 80 to 120 people and the most writing a letter to the family with all emotions. But, the best part was the day that Sergeant came with a big box and all quite waiting to hear their name, they had gotten letter from the family. And you see lots of happy faces that change the room atmosphere. And I still love to write a letter to friends & family, but by FB or email. Lol


*-I didn’t have any pictures of “A Typical Barracks” with me, but I find a picture from google research was similar.

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