My Life Story

My Life Story

The 1977-As young age, I was the same as many others I believed about wrong and right. And I labeled people to love and not love. My life experience I saw many people that I didn’t love and now I do love them and they became best buddies. I believe it’s part of our life experience and our growth.

2000-I ask myself, how I can love everyone and doesn’t matter what they believe? I read lots of books, take courses, college and university to find out how? To be honest, sometimes I was more confused.

During 20 years, I would like to say, I got hurt lots, but I try hard to turn positive and love, I still struggle but I do believe it’s possible to love everyone.❤️

“Love everyone; trust everyone. You might get hurt, but don’t fear because a lover has no fear.”-Debasish Mridha