What Does It Mean to Sit With Your Feelings?

What Does It Mean to Sit With Your Feelings?

It means to first notice them. And then to welcome them in, with curiosity, rather than seeking to avoid, repress, or distract from them. To be curious means to wonder why they are there, and what message they may have for you.

If you don’t let yourself feel your feelings, you cannot receive the messages they have for you. Failing to do so may mean that you stay in unhealthy situations for too long or you don’t take healthy risks that might lead to growth and new opportunities. It may mean that you miss learning something important or valuable about yourself that will enhance your sense of self or the quality of your life.

These prompts can help you to access a full range of feelings.

1. Why am I feeling this right now?
2. What message is being sent to me through this feeling?
3. What do my feelings want me to know?
4. When else have I felt this and what did it mean then?

Observe your feelings without judgment. Don’t label them as good or bad. They just are. Feelings are real, but they are not facts.

Recognize that some feelings are painful and hard. Speak to yourself about this the way you would a friend.

The benefit for you in feeling your feelings is that you gain the opportunity to learn and grow from them and to make changes in your life (big or small) that will be aligned with your authentic self and greatest self-interest.

Summary of article: Noelle McWard LCSW