My life story
Nunavut, January 2012.
One of the teachers was leaving for a week, and the principal offered to do a sub-teacher with grade 6/7 students. I accepted. I remember, although all the students knew me, that the first day they tried many different ways of testing me to not do their job and looking for my reaction, but I was patient with them.
I started beside the sub-plan to do something different as well, so I decided to teach them a different language as a fun way to change the environment. After all, it was exciting to write their name in a different language.
The second day, I started playing a game that was a little challenging for them, but as fun as it was, they liked it.
So, every day, I did something to make a break for students to learn something different from the sub-plan.
The last day was amazing. I picked one of the students to teach the class for a couple of hours, and I sat as a student. After that, I asked her for feedback, and she said, “The teacher’s job is tough.”🥰