Daily Life Story

Daily Life Story

I was on a plane heading to Vancouver. One guy beside me was trying to store his suitcase up in the overhead storage. He was struggling to fit his luggage inside. He pushed harder and harder, all the while swearing loudly. The flight attendant kept reminding the passenger that there would be room underneath his seat for his carry-on, but he was too stubborn to listen. One row ahead of us, a mother and kid decide to change seats because the guy kept swearing.

Finally, with force, he fits his suitcase in the overhead compartment.

Sitting down beside me, he continued to mutter swear words. I asked him “… Are you okay?”. He asked “What do you mean?” “Aren’t you ashamed of yourself for swearing in front all these people? What would you think If someone did that in front of your family?” I asked him.

I can tell the tone of my voice threw him off. He tried to save face. “I… I had a rough day. I had a fight with…” I interrupted him after a while; “But is it fair that everyone here has to handle your rude behavior, because you had a rough day?”

He responded with silence. I looked and saw that he had calmed down. So did I. After a couple minutes, he started talking (about his life story) and didn’t stop until we reached Vancouver.

I ended up giving him my phone number.
It was a tough day, but the end was a different story.