My Life Story

My Life Story

Where you come from?
Me, Iran
Are you Muslim?
Me, I am open minded.
This is very popular and normal question that people always ask me.

March 05, 2020, I was in Edmonton airport, sitting in Starbucks and having my lovely tea. Lol, I saw a young couple with three kids. Two of them were crying. I offered them, Do you need any help?

I started to talk to one of them and fortunately my magic work.
After that couple starts questioning:
-Where you come from?
Me, Iran
-Oh, we heard lots about Iran.
Are you Muslim?
Me, I am open minded and I respect all religion.
-Have you gone back to Iran?
Me, for 3 decade nope.
– Wow same as our age. If we don’t see our family a day or not phone them, we had a hard time. It’s not hard for you?
Me, its hard but one big thing I like about human is: Human always finds a way how to give a life meaning. I believe I found my way too.

I saw two of the kids sleep and other, dad changed the diaper and she started smiling. And in the end, we passed each others Face Book and website page information. It was an amazing day with a beautiful young couple.