Experiencing the Arctic / Second Journey/Where Are You Coming From?

Where are you coming from?
Where are you coming from is a popular question .
My new home is in the arctic, nearly 700 people live here. This small place everyone knows each other. I experienced a small place once and understand that everyone notices a newcomer right away. So I know I am the newcomer under the microscope. I know their curiosity is of a friendly matter, they want to know more about us as they wait for an opening to jump in and ask that very familiar question that will be asked for a while till we sink into the embracement of the community. Today, as I was shopping in one of the two stores and another shopper asks me are you new, I answer yes. The conversation continues and the second where are you from as they hear an accent and know my southern Canada is not my only home I have known. I answer, happily that I am from Iran and explain a little about the geography. Then another question (that I used to think was a very strange thing to ask,but I am used to it now) starts with the statement that they have a friend from Iran named Ali do I know him? I explained that Iran was a very large country and that Ali is a popular name, and I didn’t think that I knew their Ali. I had a great day!

ازکجا آمده ای؟

ازکجا آمده ای؟ یک سوال عمومی ست .محل زندگی جدیدم در قطب شمال تقربیا هفتصد نفر جمعیت دارد،و همه به نوعی همدیگز را می شناسند و من تازه وارد می دانم زیر ذره بین برای مدتی خواهم بود.دیروز موقع خرید یکی بدون مقدمه پرسید:” تازه واردی؟”.جواب دادم “:بله “.بعد هم سوالها ی دیگرشروع شد،صحبت ها که کمی گرمتر شد، پرسید: “اهل کدام کشور هستید؟”.جواب دادم: “ایران. “بعد گفت:” من یک دوست ایرانی دارم،اسمش علی است،آیا او را می شناسید.؟”, برای من این سوال که بیشتر از دو دهه دراینجا (کانادا) هستم دیگز عادی شده ،بنابراین اول می گویم نه ،وبعداگروقت بود وشخص سوال کننده هم علاقمندباشد،سعی می کنم،در مورد زادگاه خود و کمی از جغرافیا و جمعیت ایران برای سوال کننده توضیحی بدهم، و در نتیجه اینکه با آن وسعت و جمعیت سخت است که آن فرد را بشناسم… و امروز دوباره تکرار شد،اما خودم خوشحال می شوم که توضیح می دهم،چرا که به نوعی ارتباط برقرار می گردد…روزخوبی بود…