Is it normal to talk to ourselves?

Is it normal to talk to ourselves?
I was driving, and I saw a person in another car talking by himself. My reaction was to think maybe something was wrong with the person. (but not)
A couple of weeks later, exactly this happened to me. I talked by myself inside the car while I was alone. (I forgot my shopping list at home and was repeating what I had to buy from the store.) and another person saw me and laughed. 😀
“Is it normal to talk to ourselves? For most people, talking to oneself is a normal behaviour that poses no significant health risk unless the person is also experiencing other symptoms of a mental illness, such as “delusions.” Self-talk may have benefits, particularly in improving performance on visual tasks, but it can also aid in understanding longer tasks that require instructions. Self-talk is not harmful, and parents or carers should not worry about why children talk to themselves. While dealing with his intellectual and emotional tasks and problems, a person may have an inner monologue with himself, and this monologue may be decided to be spoken. (self-talk, self-talk) is natural.” -Summary of the article from “Psychology Today”