My Life Story (11)

My Life Story (11)
Rehab Center

After 10 years of living in Canada I decided to go back to school, the reason it took me so long was because Canada did not recognize my education from my country. I first had to upgrade my English to get the grade 12 diploma. Then I did a 2 year program “community support diploma”.This course allows me to work with special needs, mental health, and many different areas.

Each semester I went for 3 weeks practicum. My last practicum was one of the best rehab centers in North America that help me understand about addiction. At the beginning, I was shocked to learn that 70% in rehab were very young age, but I made a good connection with them and worked together.

The person running the rehab center was a very young person that inspired me and I was very proud of him to run a business like that.

My last day he came to me and said:”I have presentation today I would like you to be there”. He began his speech :”I had a very hard time with my addiction and for 2 years I lived on the street East Hasting in Vancouver, I almost died. One day I asked myself what am I doing to myself? I left the streets and dealt with my addiction, I eventually went back to university and decided to open this business. I hope my experience and this place helps you to have a better life you deserve”.

He was an amazing young person that I will never forget and never forget the place that helped me to understand about addiction.*