My Life Story 

My Life Story

Teahouse was one of social place that old and young go there for chatting. I liked the teahouse environment and smell of tea. The people talk about everything and political as well and sometimes I remember the owner of tea house said to the crowd: ”don’t talk about politics here, I don’t want government close my business.”
The people were very careful in the teahouse because the government always had spies.

I was returning home after work and all the sudden I was craving for a place that reminds me of my young age teahouse environment.
Finally, I found a place that was very busy and I went inside and sat. The server came to me and ask”what do you want for a start?”.I said “tea”.She looked at me and said, ”we only serve alcohol and beverages.
I said, ”can you ask your manager”.She back with a tea bag and hot water and she said”one of our coworkers use tea and share with you”.i said’ Oh.very nice. Thank you and I order my food too.

During my time there I saw people around and talking and .smiling and enjoy their time and besides my tea my all memory back and I had a very good time there.

Sometimes small things our life make our day or life better.