Life Story

Life Story

I was in Edmonton and hotel reception call a Taxi to take me in the airport. I was waiting for 20 mins but taxi not show up. Front desk phone again and after 5 mins taxi arrived.He didn’t say why he was late.
2-When he was driving he saw a friend and stopped the car and chatting about new car and insurance I believe he doesn’t know I understand the different language.
3-After that, he tells me my daughter call me, I want to call her back.
4-When he has done conversation with daughter, and 5 mins driving, told me I am wrong way and I have to back to airport road without changing meter.

I was thinking should I say something to a 70 year old man?
-If I say something to him what happened?
A-As a good way he may say sorry about what happens.
B-As an aggressive way, maybe he says this is life and I didn’t do anything’s wrong.
C-And a gray area, maybe he tries to wash out.

-If I don’t say anything what happened?
I say to myself, you as routine morning you did a good job and try rest of your day enjoy. Or, maybe not give him a tip. 😀But I said to myself, I am not a mean person.😀

I decided not to say anything. I was in an airport.I passed money to him and said, $5 tip. He just looks back and I saw his eyes look like want to say sorry, shy. And after ,he jumps outside and bring my suitcase and say, Thank you sir, have a good day and sorry about being late. *
*-Photo from Edmonton University area