My Life Story

My Life Story

A Tea shop in Iran (is like a coffee shop in Canada) is one of the popular places people go there to talk together.

It was 1978 in Iran, and I went to a Tea shop with a bunch of friends. The couple times I went there I saw a man that was alone and nobody talked to him, it looked like he was boycotted. I always was curious about him.

One day, I said to my friend, I like to go and sit with him and talk. My friend said don’t do that, he’s a bad guy! And if you talk to him the people talk behind you too. I said, it’s ok.

I went and asked him, can I sit beside you? He said, are you sure? And after, I ask him, may I order a tea for you too? He said again, are you sure? He looked at me and said I know your dad.
I was a little shocked how he knows my father’s. He continued and said, I saw your wrestling, you good. Sometimes, we think we have more information than others. My plan was to just sit beside him and not feel alone. I was 18 years old, he was around 40.

He started his life story with me, He said, I made a mistake in my life and tried hard to get back on my feet but the community talked behind me, judging and finally boycotted. I have been dealing with these people for many years. Who decides who is a bad or good person? Many things happen in life and affect a person’s life… He talked for 3 hours and I just listened.

He was an amazing person that I saw in my life and he became one of my best friends that I learned lots from him. *

“People are guests in our story, the same way we are guests in theirs. But we all meet each other for a reason because every person is a personal lesson waiting to be told”.- lauren klarfeld
*-Its a long story, I just summarized

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