My Life Story

Vancouver airport *



I checked the list of flights at the airport-Vancouver and I saw my friend’s flight was delayed. I went to the cafeteria and ordered a tea.

While I was drinking my tea, I saw an elderly woman constantly walked back and forth. I went to the elderly lady and asked:” Are you lost or forgot something”?. She smiles and said: “My son, where were you, I was waiting for you!”. I felt that there must be a problem. I asked her to sit in the cafeteria chair and after, I asked her: “Would you like tea or Coffee?”. She said:” Tea, without sugar and milk.” After that, I try to get information from her ,but her answer was unclear.

I took her to the information center for help and after 10 minutes her family arrived, but she said to them, “I don’t know you”. The family said: “she has Alzheimer”. They try to communicate with her and after a while, She went with them and wave for me with a beautiful smile. 🌻❤️


*-I posted this story before and recently something smaller happened again on Vancouver street that when I was walking, but I re -post first one.