My Life Story

My Life Story

Traveling with kids on long journeys are not easy and parents sometimes just frustrated with their kids situation. A couple days ago I read an article about”Japan Airlines seat map helps avoid screaming babies”. I linked the article. (1)

This article reminds me of my Summer vacation 2019, I traveled 8 hours from Vancouver, (2) it was a long flight. I was in the waiting area and I saw a lady with two kids and one of them was crying. Our plane was loading, the kids were quiet for a while, but during the night both kids started crying and people were complaining and whispering.

I was in a middle seat with two middle aged men they were both snoring, one of them laid their head on my shoulder and all the sudden they woke up too and complain.

I try to go help woman, although I know my offer maybe not accepted or strange. I ask her, do you need any help? She looks at me and look like she was waiting for someone to step up to help her. And I continue and said to her, it’s ok, I would like to help.

I got one of the kids and we walked around and she laughed at the people snoring.

I return the kid to her mom. I went to back my set I saw two men almost cover my seat and snoring. 😀
2-Vancouver from air