My Life Story

My Life Story

1976- Iran
I was in the final match of freestyle wrestling and I broke my ribs. I lost my best chance to go in national final. I went to the hospital and explain to Dr. what happened. He looked at me and said. Why you still smiling?. I said, I am like that. Dr. said, look like you ok. I back home and my mom with traditional home made medicine help me to back to my feet again.

I went to Dr. And talked about my pain. Dr. Said, you still smiling.?!. I said, I am like that. Dr. Said I just give to you some pills.
After a while, I saw same Dr. he saw my results of pain. Dr. Said, why you didn’t tell me you have a lot of pain. I said, because my smile and body language can be confusing. He laughed.

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