My Life Story

My Life Story

Staying home during Corona Virus reminds me a lot of my stories from the past .

In Iran, it is mandatory after graduating from school that all men must go to the army- military for two years. The
army environment was very tough. Every morning we have to wake up around 4 am and clean our bed, and be dressed in a spotless uniform for inspection.

One day Sergeant starts yelling and swearing to at my friend for not having his bed cleaned properly. I stood up for my friend and ended up in solitary for one week.

The Cell or Solitary Confinement was a dirty and dark tiny 2 meters by 1.30 meters room. It had a dirty carpet, and a tiny blanket and pillow. The room was dark and the food was not enough for a day. The washroom was outside and I was taken out 3 times a day. The brightness outside was very hard on the eyes.

In the cell I ask myself, how am I going to survivor for a week? I manage to walk and exercise all morning. Afternoons I spent reviewing my past and thinking about my future. This helped the time go by fast.

Difficulties in your life don’t come to destroy you, but to help you realize your hidden potential.