My life story (volunteer job)

My life story (volunteer job)
In counseling, for many reasons, when you can’t work with your client, you transfer to others. This does not mean you give up; it means someone can help, etc.
In school, I was working at school and in some areas where I never worked and didn’t have experience, but I found out many different ways that teaching works for kids.
I want to say that one of the big reasons that I found different was a teacher with whom I worked very closely, and one day I was stuck about something. The teacher said, “We have to find a way to work for kids, not just for us”. This word stuck with me and helped me in my daily life as well. Thank you, teacher.🙏🌻
As a volunteer job, I always enjoy Volunther’s job. Recently, I worked with a client (family) who almost gave up, and I had a chance to talk to them and mention to them, “We have to find a way to work” for everyone. We talk for a couple of days, check all the options, and finally find a way that makes them happy for their future. Glad they find their own way.🌻
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