Streets people- “people who have no homes and live on the streets”

A variety of different factors can contribute to an individual’s experience of homelessness. Often, people experience homelessness when all other options have been exhausted, and/or they are dealing with circumstances that make it difficult to maintain housing.

During Covid I saw more people living in street in Vancouver than before.

I was walking in the street and saw a young teen with a dog sleeping in the bag in the busiest place in Vancouver. It’s hard to see young teens living in the street . I stopped and sat beside her and the dog and asked her “do you need some food?. She looked at me and said, are you a priest?.❤️

I heard before that the people thinking I am police, social worker and counselor but never heard of a priest. I said no but I would like to help. She said, I am hungry and need some food. I bought for her. When I was ready to leave , she said thank you to just listening and not advise me…❤️____________________________

*- Vancouver , March 2022