Why Do People Fight?

Why Do People Fight?
By SeeKen

Fighting, Arguments is never fun, no one likes to do it, because they know that argument, fights in one way or another hurts them too, fighting with others, or with someone important to you, it can be your friends, co-workers, family etc can make you unhappy or overwhelmed for days on end, and most importantly many times because of fighting you don’t reach the goal for what you were fighting or arguing about, We all know that Fighting isn’t something good or something we should be proud of, but still what make us fight, what trigger us, that we just can’t stop ourselves, what pushes us to the point of conflict, when we know that fights will for sure make us unhappy, but still why we do it, why do we fight, why do people fight?

To answer the question why do people fight, it has several reasons and those reasons are very simple:

1) Why Do People Fight – Threatened:
One of the reasons behind the fight is whenever human being feel threatened about their lives or livelihoods they prefer to protect it and they choose to fight for it, usually human beings prefer peace but when they get threatened about their lives or about their people they choose to stand for it.

2) Why Do People Fight – Not accepting:
Another main And the Most Important Reason behind the fight is “THAT WE ALL ARE NOT READY TO ACCEPT.” We are not ready to accept anything related to us, We are not ready to accept our fault, mistakes, and wrongdoings, and when someone makes us realize it, either we argue or we fight, for example, I have seen many people fighting in local trains, because they are not ready to apologize for their mistake, People usually Take everything on their Ego and their ego never allows them To Accept.

3) Why Do People Fight – Busy life:
Another Reason of Fight and Argument is Busy Frustrated life, Nowadays people are living so busy frustrated lives, that they get Irritated for every small thing, even the slightest push in the rush can irritate them and that small push becomes the biggest reason for the huge fight.

4) Why Do People Fight – Way Matters:
Another Reason why people fight, or can turn a conversation into a heated argument is The way they say things, I have learned that ” WHAT YOU SAY MATTERS BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY WHAT MATTERS IS HOW YOU SAY IT, WHEN YOU SAY IT AND WHERE YOU SAY IT.”

Example: you can’t joke in a serious situation, you can’t say things in a rude manner, even the nicest things said in a rude manner can become the reason for a fight or for a heated argument.

5) Why Do People Fight – Ignorance:
Another Reason is Ignorance and Close-mindedness, Now a day’s people are not ready to listen to others by being open-minded, people always prefer their opinions the best, they don’t even consider others opinion, not ready to understand others perception. for example: On social sites, I have seen many people fighting or arguing through comments on social media, because they are not ready to accept others opinions, they want others to consider theirs, but they themselves are not ready to consider others opinion, thinking or perception, hence don’t argue on stuff about which you have half knowledge, and people who have full knowledge are usually wise and they prefer listening to others too, because they believe that Everyone in this world knows something you don’t, hence Ignorant people choose to fight, Wise people choose learning and understanding.

6) Why Do People Fight – Emotional Disbalance:
There are people who are very sensitive, they get hurt for every small thing, people who have no control over their emotions, they take everything personally and convert every small thing into a big and bad arguments, hence learn to have control over your emotions only then you can understand others point and opinions clearly.

7) Why Do People Fight – Compromise:
People are not ready to Compromise, People are not ready to listen to others opinion, not ready to understand others point too, people usually argue or fight when they stand on their point and they use their entire energy to win over the person they are fighting with, people usually don’t listen to understand but they listen to reply, hence become a listener who is ready to understand too.

8) Why Do People Fight – Short tempered:
There are many short-tempered people, and there can be any reason for their short-tempered behavior, lack of sleep, stress, family issues, financial issues, or some kind of talk which triggers them, hence for this person with short-temporal issue needs to work on them, because strangers with whom they pick fights don’t know about them, hence person with such behavior should understand and should control their anger and emotions.

9) Why Do People Fight – Always Right Attitude:
People who are more self-compassionate are usually people who are less compassionate with others, and this thing gives them “always right” kind of attitude, they always believe that they are right and others who argued with them or fought with them are wrong, they are usually selfish people, they do or say anything to prove others wrong, because deep inside their heart they feel that they are always right and see story through their side only, they never analyze the story from both perspectives, they just feel that they have gone through a lot, and such believes never allow them to compromise and never make them feel guilty.

10) Why Do People Fight – To show Power, to Seek Respect:
when someone criticizes us, we choose to argue or we choose to fight, when we feel insulted, instead of getting motivated, most people choose to say things which hurts the other person more, Some people Criticizes, because they want to show their Power and some reply to that criticism because they want to seek Respect, either way conflict takes place, Hence here both people should understand that power and respect is shown and taken through hard work, manners, behavior and kindness, Criticism and Reply or argument will show power neither it will give respect.