Amazing Person

“Life is short, and it is up to you to make it sweet.”-Sarah Louise Delany
Amazing Person
I was in Yellowknife this week chaperon and as a assistant coach for the basketball tournament it was an amazing experience for me. The youth worked very hard to beat other teams.
For two days we went for breakfast at “Tim Horton”, I saw one man same age as me and he was very curious about our team, we little chat and sharing some sport experience and after he started to talk to our youth and caring for them.
The second day he was in line up for food and again start questioning about score, and asked how have the games gone, and our youth explained to him and he very enjoyed. The whole team were excited about there next game and said bye to him.
The next day March 04 I was in the restaurant with the team and I heard he died of a heart attack. My whole body was shut down and I couldn’t sleep and can’t believe that happened like that.
Rest and peace Carl