My Life Story

My Life Story (26)

One of the middle east culture habits is bartering when they go shopping. I remember, when I go to market with my mom and dad I saw many times everyone doing bartering and the most time shoppers win.

As kids, I was thinking bartering is just in the middle east culture, but when I travelled to different countries I saw bartering in others cultures is normal too, same as Mexico, Greece, Thailand and etc.

One of my funny barterings was in Thailand. I was looking for a soccer jersey, and I found one in the small shop. I ask the seller:” How much is that?”.He said:”$50″. (After, I convert to Canadian dollars). I said “$10″.He said:” no, no, no”. I walk away and after three-step, He yelling:” Sir.come back…ok $35″.I said:”$10″.He said:”$25″.I said:”$10″.He said:”$15″.I said:”$12″.He said:”ok”.

I give him $30 and I said:”keep it and thank you”. He said:”you crazy”😀.I said:” sometimes”.lol