My Life Story 

My Life Story

The year 2011 my adventure to the Arctic began. I went to Nunavut Territory and lived a small community. During almost 2 years I spent most of my time subbing and librarian.

One day principal asks me to sub in the Grade 7/8. I said ok. This class was one of the classes that subs don’t want to do.

The 1/2 period class some of the kids don’t want to do anything and encourage others to follow.

During recess, I talked with one of the girls and I said to her: “I would like you to run the class as a teacher”. She was very excited to do.

The kids laughing not listening to her. She starts to send kids to principal office and after her tone of voice changed and after taking a ruler and aggressively show to kids.

Next period, when I came to class all was quiet. I said: “The reason I did this was so some of you could feel what it is like in someone else’s shoes. I believe we understand each other better if we walking in each other shoes and I am glad you got my message and I’m very proud of you”.

Next day, I got 16 “sorry letters” from them.

The Grade 7/8 was one of my best experiences in Nunavut territory as a sub teacher.*