My Life Story

My Life Story

1975 Iran-I remember when I was a teen I heard sometimes couples argue together. They involve their friends, which turns into a picking sides rather than helping the couple resolving their issues.

2003 Vancouver-I was doing a bread delivery in the Vancouver area. One of the place that I delivered bread belonged to a couple that had a very successful business. I had a good connection with both. One day, I said to man owner, Your business doing amazing.He said our business had, long story, around 10 years ago me and my wife had a bad argue and she left the house. The next day people came into the business and started to argue with me, saying I was not a good person. It was clear that my wife had left and went to all our friends houses and shared her side of the fight. He said ,I felt that I had to defend myself and share my side. Then our friends became divided picking sides. A couple months later the business was doing poorly and I thought I might end up bankrupt. I decided to talk to my wife, we ended up getting back together.

The other people that got involved in our relationship didn’t have the knowledge to help and talk lot behind both our backs we were shocked. After that, we work hard and our business and our relationship become successful again.Now, I always said to my friends when you have a problem in your relationship which is the normal talk to someone that has the knowledge and skills to truly help and not air your dirty laundry in public.

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