My Day

My Day

I was outside during my break time and take fresh air and listening to the old music that reminds me of my hometown, family and friends that I didn’t see for a long long time.

One of the students asks me what you listings?
I said it’s Persian music. He said can I hear? I took off my headphones and put on speakers. He said, I don’t understand, but I like music, what she said?
I had translated to my phone and show him what she was singing:

“It’s a pure sensation in me
Tonight I have lights in my heart
I’m high in the sky again tonight
It is at a secret with my stars
I’m whole sensations and enthusiasm tonight”…

He said I like that, you have to teach me your language.
I said, Do you want to start now?
He said how?
I said, hi. The Persian says, Salam. He tries and was good. He said it was easy. I said, of course, I will tell you tomorrow how we say, have a good day.

He was excited and we both laugh.❤️
It was a good day.🌻

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