My Life Memory

My Life Memory
2016- 2022

I went to the gas station and said, Good morning, Sir. He looks at me and answers. I was new in town, and he asked some questions about my work and where I live.

It’s almost become a weekly routine. I went to the gas station, and we had a little chat.

I remember he asked me about my age, and after he said, You’re just 1 year younger than me? And he had a lovely smile. After we talk more than before,

I remember one day he said to me, You’re always smiling. I said this is the only thing I have, and we both laughed.

I remember one day he asked me, Where are you going today to take pictures? I was not ready for that question because I thought he was not interested in photography. But he likes it and follows.

I remember we talked about retirement, and before I left the town, I went to the gas station and asked him, Can I hug you?  We hugged and smiled.

Those who touch our lives stay in our hearts forever.❤️🌻