My Life Story (1)

My Life Story (1)

One of my dreams was to visit the Arctic. When I start to read Jack London’s book, this dream becomes stronger.

Nunavut 2011-2012
NWT 2016- 2022 *

The dream became real, and I arrived in a small town in Nunavut.
I had a brain freeze between the airport door and the car. My hat was not warm enough. I said to myself, “Welcome to the North. And after, during my drive, I didn’t see a tree and found out we lived above the tree line.

I began working in a school as a substitute teacher and reestablishing the school library, as well as doing very close work with the community. I had the opportunity to visit various communities as well as Capital City, Iqaluit.

It was an amazing experience to understand culture and lifestyle with people that had a big heart and shared their food always and helped you.

My funny experience was on the shore when I went to catch the fish. My first fish I had a hard time catching and swimming with, and my wife was just laughing. lol, but finally I caught the fish.

Unfortunately, although I was deeply involved with the community, I have to leave almost after 2 years because of one of my close family members’ passing.

This community motivated me to upgrade and finish my counselling programme in Vancouver.
*- My next life story (2) continues about NWT 2016–2022.

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