My Life Story ( 2)

My Life Story ( 2)
2016- 2022
The second journey to the Arctic was an amazing experience that I had in the NWT. It was the beginning of January. I was relaxing on a plane, and before I landed in the NW, I saw trees covered with beautiful snow. It was an amazing view of Wonderland.
There were a lot of people from all over Canada. For me, it looks like I visited all of Canada. The people I met in this community had amazing stories of how they ended up living in a remote NWT town.
Many just came for a visit or a short period of work but stayed in the community, built up their lives there, and made it their home.
It was amazing that the people always shared their food with others, and I always enjoyed it and felt at home.
I had a chance to learn and understand more about Dene culture and residential schools.
I worked in different places, especially fire departments, and airports, which I had never experienced before. It was an amazing experience. Besides, working in a school environment with amazing staff and beautiful children and youth, I will never forget them.
One of my favorite animals is a wolf, and I am always looking for them. One day, when I was walking, I saw a grey wolf beside our house. We are very close. I stopped, and it looked at me. There was a silent moment between us, and it walked away. The wolf had beautiful eyes, and I will never forget this moment.
The Northern Lights were another good experience in the Arctic.
Seeing the sky and dancing Northern Lights during dark periods of the year was just amazing, and many people around the world don’t get to see them closely.
Thank you to all and love you all.❤️🌻