My life story

My life story
Sharing food with neighbors, as I know myself, is a beautiful human connection.💕
As I remember, my mom shared food with our neighbor and a couple of days later, the neighbor brought us food.
This means people in general do not expect back and forth, but it was more of a connection and a chance to talk as well.
Since I am in Canada, I saw exactly the same. especially Nunavut, the NWT, and Vancouver Island, which are part of the life I spent in this area.
The people of the North share food as part of their culture, always sharing not just with family but with strangers as well. This is their nature.💕
A couple of days ago, our neighbor asked us if we had a carton of eggs. And they’re going camping, and we passed to them, and yesterday they brought us my favorite food, canned fish (Salmon), and sausage; they make them all. And we had a chance to talk as well.💕
The people who give you their food give you their hearts.
Cesar Chavez