My Life Story

My Life Story

My home town is beside the Caspian Sea, the Earth’s largest inland body of water. It is a very popular place for tourists in the summer.

When I was young I thought everyone knows about it. As I got older people would ask where I came from, and I would say … Some people would know where it was and others would ask where is that? At the beginning I was shocked .

My journey around Iran, brought me this message that it doesn’t matter how popular our city is, still many people don’t know for different reasons. I found out myself, as well I didn’t know many areas too. The Journey around Iran helped me a lot with knowledge about myself and came out of my own frame drama. Lol

“If you don’t get out of the box you’ve been raised in, you won’t understand how much bigger the world is”.-Angelina Jolie

Canada June 2020
I went to the hospital in Edmonton and handed in my apt. paper to the front desk. She asks me, where is NW? I had a flashback, but not any more drama. Lol. I explained to her and talked more about how beautiful NW is, and showed some pictures. She said wow, why had I never heard about this place?! . We had a very good chat and passed more information about NW.