My Life Story

I remember when my mom made food she shared with a neighbor. The neighbor did exactly the same. It was not about poor or rich, it was empathy and culture. When I left my city I did too. Canada- I was living in an apartment in Vancouver with almost 200 hundred people. I was thinking to make the Persian Cutlet *-The cutlet smell very strong and I don’t want it the hallway to smell and besides, I ask myself do I have to share with all people in an apartment too.? Lol .I start before making the cook, I cover under the entry door and oven fan on too. Lol .I forgot to close the balcony window and start making the food. After less than an hour someone came and knocked on my door and said, look like you are cooking and smell, very good, my wife is pregnant… Can I have some? I give him a plate of rice, pita bread, and cutlet… and after that, we exchange the food.😍


*-Persian Kotlet’s- Cutlet are meat patties made with ground meat, eggs, grated onion, herbs, spices and potatoes.

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