My Life Story

My Life Story

He looked at me and said, “believe in yourself “!

He was my freestyle wrestling coach, he was my mentor and I was 16 years old. His words stuck in my mind -my whole life. At that time I was losing a wrestling match and when I returned to the match, his words echoed in my head and I won.

I learned from him and life experience, once you start believing in yourself, then believe in you too. Once you are confident about yourself, you will surely succeed. You can win any race of life only if you believe in your own capabilities. No matter what, if you believe in yourself you will do 100 times better.

I learned from him and life experience, never underestimate myself nor compare myself with others. Just instruct my mind that you are the best, you! Then you will do your best!

Thank you coach!🙏❤️🌻