My Life Story

My Life Story

1998-Vancouver , Canada

I was returning from shopping. I saw a car with both flashlights on the side of the street. I stopped and knocked on the car window. I saw a lady around 60 to 65 and asked her, need help!? She said, I am waiting for help but nobody has shown up. I said, the only thing I know about the car is to change tires. She laughed and said go ahead and I did. She tries to give me money. I said no and after she gave me her business card. I came home and saw her business card, she was working with mental health. At this time I was volunteering with newcomers and people dealing with trauma. I was nervous to phone but I did. I asked if she could help some of the newcomers that needed help. She was very open to help. Since that day we have worked together for almost 14 years. I saw her as my mom with a big heart, I saw her from all my friends that I lost. She was one of the people that gave help and was very generous to all people. She was part of my life story path.People come and go, some of them come into our lives to teach us lessons while some of them become our best friends, the ones who stand next to us no matter what happens. Some people are for a long time and some pass through. They are all there for a reason.

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