My life story

My life story

Hi, hard work! She looked at me and said, Thank you. I said, Are you new to this city? She said yes. I am from… I introduced myself, and I said welcome to this place.

She came and hugged me. I felt it was a good start for a conversation.

She said I was a doctor in my country, but since I came here, I have been homesick and miss my family. I decided to go back to my country, and all of a sudden she was crying.

I felt I had known this person for many years because I dealt with these situations with others and tried to help them.

I thought it was not a good time to advise or share my experience with her, but I said, I do volunteer at a place that can help you.

She said thanks and came close, and we hugged each other again.

She left the city for her country yesterday.

Moving to a new place (town to a city or city to a different country) with many people is a big challenge, and it’s not easy to deal with that.

Dealing with culture shock, isolation, weather, raising children, etc. are the biggest challenges that people have a hard time with in a new place, and most people go through this one, including me.

It’s hard, but based on my own experience, I am far away, almost 4 decades, from my home. I learned and taught myself that it doesn’t matter where I live or go; I make the place my home, and I give and get love from others.

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