My Life Story

My Life Story

“People in every society throughout history have drawn moral lines prohibiting certain behaviors and lauding others, making judgments about right and wrong and what people should and shouldn’t do, think, and feel.

“1970-Iran-One big conversation the most time I heard around home, school and community were about “bad” and “good” people .When I became a teenager (1975) I found out drinking, smoking, tatoo were forbidden and meant “bad” people.

My best friend’s base of society value was “bad person” but in my view they were amazing. I was confused .

1985-Iran- I had a chance to be around the prisoners and worked closely with the people that are involved with gangs, tattoos all over their bodies., but again, when sharing their own story it’s hard to believe how nice they are. My question was ” why do we behave so differently?”

2015-Canada-The way people behave differently in different situations/ environment is based on the Social Impact.

Moral philosophers say good people are good to everyone — to family and to strangers, to people in their group and especially to those outside of it.

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