My Life Story(8)

My Life Story(8)

It was 1997 in Vancouver on Sunday, 5 in the morning. I was coming home from working a night shift. As I was driving I could see ahead the road was blocked. I stopped my car and I saw some people watching 4 youths beating hard to one other kid. One of them had a knife. I asked one of the bystanders “why you just watch and not do anything”? He looked at me and answered “We called the police”. I said:” before the police come the young boy might die”. His answer was same.

I made my decision to separate them and same time I was thinking if something happened to me, how do I respond?

I went running through to them and same time screaming to them as well. Fortunately, all four scared and run. The people were watching me all come and start to help the young boy was quite injured. I was glad that I intervened when I did.

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