Pizza Delivery

Adjusting yourself in different countries and different cultural it’s not easy and take time to understand what is going on. During more than 20 years that I am in Canada I try to write everything I had experienced and I hope one day all my story become published.
Pizza Delivery

It was 1998 I start to work in a restaurant as pizza delivery. I delivered my first pizza to a customer’s house, his pizza charge was almost $18 dollars and he gives me $20 and He said:”keep twenty”. I back two dollars to him. He said”Two dollars is tip”. I said:”I am not poor Sir”. He looks at me and said again:”its tip”. I just leave When I back to restaurants I said to my boss:”I am not working anymore”. He asks me;”why”. I said: the person I delivered pizza for him was thinking I am poor and give me two dollars more. My boss started laughing and explain to me why people do that.
I back to work. After a while if I delivered Pizza and people don’t give a tip I was mad.😀