The life story of a “lucky man.”

Mr.C had nothing from the world; his only income was a small salary, which the government gave him. Mr.C lived alone and all the members of his family rejected him because he didn’t follow their role.
One day Mr.C decided to buy “lottery” (1) on Wednesdays. He didn’t check lottery tickets for a couple of months, until one day, when he checked the “lottery,” he realized that he had won millions of dollars. He just laughed. His photo was published in all the newspapers as a “lucky man.” Then his family tried to be close to him and same time asked him for money. (2)
“What is most painful in the world is not just poverty, war, disease, or.. but the way people treat each other poorly.
1: Lottery 649, which is sold in Canada, on Saturdays and Wednesdays.
2: The life story of one of the award winners that I tried to explain briefly.