Yellowknife 2021

Yellowknife 2021 *

I was in the subway lineup, and one man came to me and said” can you buy a sandwich for me?”. I said, yes. The guy behind me said. Don’t buy it, he has to work. I looked at the guy and said, helping is the choice I choose to help. One young lady was behind the guy and said, he (me) likes to buy from his own pocket and why not?! Young guy was silent. I bought a sandwich for him and he thanked you with the big happy face that made my day. After he left, I was thinking I hope I did not hurt the young guy’s feelings. I said to him, can I offer you a cookie? He smiled and I thought, another happy face. I said, peace. We fist pump together. It was an interesting day.


*- Photo, Yellowknife airport