All humans are dealing with their own feelings!

…All humans are dealing with their own feelings!

When you take things personally, you feel offended and disrespected. Your reaction is either to defend yourself or submit passively. Either way you take someone’s criticism and view it as a literal, personal and serious threat. You want to correct the perpetrators and prove them wrong. In turn, you make something big out of some behavior that is so little. You want to maintain your innocence and try with all of your might to defend your beliefs, which only serves to heighten the conflict.

You cannot take someone’s opinion personally, because the truth is that all humans are dealing with their own feelings, beliefs and opinions. No one’s judgment is superior, it’s only an opinion. It is not about right or wrong, its just an opinion. Opinions change, sometimes from minute to minute, day to day. You don’t really know what is best and you have no standing on telling others how things ought or should be. Your views on right or wrong speak to your taste and you cant argue taste. Is red a better color then blue? Is steak better than chicken? These are all preferences. A preference implies a choice and we all have choices in how to respond to differences in taste.

Don’t Take it Personally, It’s Not About You, All Humans are Dealing with their Own Feelings!🌻